J. Augustus & General Monkz

Dj / Mc Duo

J. Augustus and General Monkz are both djs and MCs but J. Augustus plays the producer and DJ role mainly and Monkz is the MC. With the rise in popularity of the single 'SOUL FREE' the duo has received enough remixes to put out an album in October 2023 entitled simply...

 'THE SOUL FREE REMIXES LP' with top D&B producers in the UK and Stateside. With remixes by LIONDUB - NICKY BLACKMARKET - KADILAK - KORAX - KRISPE - BODYDICERS - MELADEE - R.A.W aka 6BLOCC - CAB 3 - and more... 

Look for more from these two after the release party on the 7th Of October in San Antonio with KADILAK - KRISPE - KORAX - and of course the duo themselves J. AUGUSTUS & GENERAL MONKZ.


Producer & DJ Duo

Form & Funktion is a Drum and Bass production duo from Austin, Texas 

Comprising of Quaziscience Label owner J. AUGUSTUS (form) and the legendary REV KATHY RUSSELL (funktion). They hit the stateside D&B scene with a huge remix of Jay-Z and Kanye West - (FISH FILET) Featured by GUNFIGHT on his dj mix series and many other stateside djs have played this tune in their sets. The tune is mastered by GRID RECORDS label owner TWISTED INDIVIDUAL.

Look for more from these two in the very near future.