Justin Augustus Fay, aka J. Augustus, is a veteran producer, MC, DJ, and a highly sought-after Host of events. He has worked in various facets of the music industry, including lo-fi, hip-hop, Boom Bap, Drum and Bass, and other underground subgenres. He has been a staple in the Texas live music scene since the late 90s, cementing his talent and ability to connect with his audiences, bringing his own originality to the table. With that, he founded Quaziscience Recordings to showcase his production and offer a platform to other artists across the globe. 

 His exceptional skills have earned him a place on lineups and shared stages with numerous acts like J Boogie, Jel, Kid Koala, BLACKMILK, Red Man, Too Short, Esta, Sango, Mellow Hype, Mr. Lif, FALCONS, Rev Kathy Russell, Merrick Brown, Freestyle Fellowship, and DJ Craze. 

J. Augustus made his name further known with his acclaimed lo-fi debut album Tuned Inwhich featured the single OK! that established his place in the beat production world. His latest release, the first of a five-part series, My Studio Space Vol. 1, is available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy! 

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J. Augustus - Tuned In - EP J. Augustus Debut Release Entitled "Tuned In" entire EP Download. Includes Singles PHAT. TUNED IN, and the very moody andcinematic tune entitled OK! 432 MB
J. Augustus - My Studio Space V.1 Full Album Download of acclaimed release "My Studio Space V.1" the first of a 5 part series that showcases J. Augustus summertime lofi vibes 120 MB
J. Augustus Logo J. Augustus Logo Downloads 1.9 MB
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